Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 1 of Rainbow Training School

First we all sat in a circle and held hands while we ommed.  Then we started a drum circle and danced around.  Next we passed around the hookah and enjoyed it for the whole afternoon.  Finally we realized I was a compulsive liar...(all that was a joke, including the compulsive lying part).  

Alright, last night we got together as a nearly whole group for dinner and prayer.  Every time we meet together we pray for 2 people.  I was the first to go since I was the newest member.  It was amazing how God spoke such truth into my life through these people I hardly know at all.  Many of them mentioned how they were imagining how I was an extremely special treasure that God had picked out especially for this trip.  One man in particular brought up a story about a woman who though she had nothing gave her last 2 pennies to the church offering, and just after he said that he had randomly stepped on a penny and handed it to me.  It's amazing to hear that all these people said nearly the same things to me without talking about it beforehand.  The penny thing really gets me because I've always cherished pennies, and whenever I come across a penny I pick it up and pray that I continue to trust God because that's exactly what the penny tells me to do, "In God We Trust".  One woman even told me she had a picture of me standing where it was very foggy trying to see out of a window but once I wiped away a bit of the fog on the glass it turned out to be a mirror.  She was not sure what that meant but she prayed God would show me what it means.  The next day while I was at a park praying I think I figured it out.  To my displeasure it wasn't anything very uplifting...initially.  I believe God was trying to give me brutal honesty.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not really sure who I am in Christ, not that I doubt him but that I am not too close with him many times.  I believe this is the fog part and the mirror part is referring to the passage in James where it speaks of a person who looks in a mirror and then forgets what he looks like when he turns away is fool.  I think that at times I know who I am in Christ but then sometimes it gets foggy.  So, I pray that God lifts the fog so that I can see his light and continue following him.

Aside from training I am having a great time here in Minneapolis.  We're going to leave for the gathering at 7 am on Sunday morning and will be back around July 7th.  As a team we all get along together so well.  We're all so different and from various backgrounds but we fit together like a puzzle.  It's bizarre and amazing!


Erin Freer

Today we got together at around 10 am to worship God and pray for more team members.  We then proceeded to drive to Minnehaha Falls to walk around and talk to God and then have a BBQ and our afternoon session.  I was excited because when they said Mennehaha Falls I expected it to be a trail to some small creek with a waterfall.  Oh no, how I was wrong.  It was a city park, still beautiful, but nothing what I expected.  Oh well, we still had a great time.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to a terrific adventure. Will you be home in time to take the garbage out on Thursday? Be safe, love Mom