Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ready to take off for the trip of a lifetime.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 7 am, sharp. It will be about a 22 hour drive to New Mexico and in the buses it will take about two days. I'm in kind of a semi-apathetic mood. I'm excited to go but overly pumped. Which is really just my personality but I still feel a little weird about it all. Maybe it's more of surreal feeling, like "is this really about to happen?" Last night I went to a cafe called Hard Times and it's a very dark place. While I was there I could just feel the heaviness and the enemy in the room. It was very uncomfortable but then I was reminded that that feeling is going to be everywhere at the Rainbow Gathering, times ten. Physically I am not worried about these next two weeks; however, I am a little nervous about the spiritual warfare that will happen. I just have to keep in mind that I am meeting Jesus there and he will give me the strength I need. Isaiah 40:31 has been a verse I have loved for a long time and I will need to pray that verse many times throughout my time in New Mexico. Please pray for guidance and wisdom for our team. Pray we make it safely and quickly down to the gathering and we get enough rest. Pray God leads the right people to our tent so that we may have the freedom to discuss the Gospels the right way and at the right time; pray for discernment. Please pray that we show Christ's love towards people wholeheartedly and simply. Lastly, please pray that the various illnesses I have do not effect me at all for I am not taking my medicines because I truely believe God can heal me. I have been so upset by having to take so many perscriptions for so long and I'm only 20 years old. I have been healed before I know God can do it again. Please just pray for safety while I am in essence fasting from my perscriptions. Thank you for reading my updates and keeping me in your prayers. This will be the last post until I return in early July.


Erin Freer

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