Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainbow Gathering Part I

Welp, I've arrived in Minneapolis, MN and I'm a week early for training since Steiger (my host group) pushed back the dates after I bought my plane tickets. I'm pretty much on my own for a week, but luckily Minneapolis is a big city with much to do. I'm living with a couple girls near downtown and they are really hospitable. Yesterday when I got to the house I went to lay down at about 4:30 and ended up sleeping through the night. I don't know what happened but I sure am fully rested now. I hope that God will use me this week since I'm not going to be working too much for my trip. Maybe I'll meet someone throughout the week. The group going this year isn't too big so there may be a some curve balls thrown and a few adjustmens needing to made. Please pray that though our team is small we do mighty things. Thank you for the support you've all given me these past few months and I hope to update you on our progress more often.


Erin Freer

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  1. Yeah!! So glad you are there safe! Have so much fun this next week.. I hope you meet some amazing people and have some awesome conversations!