Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 12, 2009

Yesterday a friend of the girls I'm living with came home from somewhere and we had a tea party. Even though I really didn't know anyone there it was quite fun. While at this tea party I met a few people who would be attending the gathering and learned a lot about past gatherings. Hearing all the stories I got really excited to go and I can't wait to see what happens for our trip. Afterwards I was talking to a woman named Molly and she had just returned from a seminar about Christianity and Islam. After discussing what she learned in this seminar I am highly intrigued and I want to continue learning about the relationship between Christians and Muslims. From what I have learned so far Islam is more like Christianity than I once thought. I would love to go into more depth right now but one, it would take a long time to try and explain with what little knowledge I have on the subject and two, I wish to know more so I can elaborate and what I do know now. Earlier in the afternoon I was sitting down just talking to Kristin, one of my temporary roommates, and I had the opportunity to really get to know her. She even commented how she was surprised that she was telling me some things. I thought it was a real blessing that she was comfotable enough to open up to me. I can already see that God is working here, and I'm glad that he is working first within the group I'm working with not just serving. The girls in the house are already convinced I'm going to one day move to Minneapolis, a thought I'm not opposed to right now. So far I ove the city, the ministry they have here is the reason why I came in the first place, and from the sounds of it I'm going to really enjoy the pastor's teachings. There are a few prayer requests that I have... 1. Pray that even though our team is small we can do mighty things. 2. Pray we find the right camping spot once we get to the gathering and the God really has prepared it for us. 3. Pray for our potential gathering neighbors that we may have good relations with them. 4. Even though this is a gathering of hippies pray for peace, many times the elements and others' beliefes can get in the way of truely being a peacful place.


Erin Freer

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